Metro Detroit Divorce Lawyers

Everyone knows that divorce — even an uncontested divorce — is a difficult thing, emotionally and legally. At The Law Firm of Hauer & Snover, in Oakland County, we know how to help you through it. We advocate for clients, working to protect their rights and their futures. We do this by building on our many years of experience and serving as strong advocates. Whether in court or at the negotiating table, we provide the representation that clients need to accomplish their goals.

Vigorous Advocacy Throughout The Divorce Process

Divorce is not a single process. Rather, it usually involves several important issues involving children, income and/or property that together constitute divorce. When a client comes to us for assistance with a divorce, we determine a strategy that is in that client's best interest.

We are trusted and experienced advisers in divorce matters involving:

Metro Detroit Property Division Attorneys Skilled In High-Asset Divorce

Our clients range from owners of small and large businesses, entertainers and other high-profile and high net worth individuals to homemakers. We are highly regarded in Detroit and throughout Michigan for our ability to handle complex, high-profile and high-asset divorces. From developing strategies to protect businesses during the divorce process to ensuring thorough business valuations, we take every measure possible to ensure our clients' interests are fully preserved in high-asset divorce. Additionally, we are consulted by spouses of business owners and other individuals of high net worth to investigate suspicions of hidden assets that should be accounted for and divided in the divorce.

Personal Dedication To Obtaining Individualized Solutions

Our Metro Detroit area divorce attorneys represent men and women from Southeast Michigan and beyond. Because each client's circumstances are unique, we develop strategies that fit the individual needs of our clients. To do this, we take the time to learn about our clients, their families and their concerns. This allows us to provide individualized representation.

We understand the emotional impact that family law, and divorce in particular, can have on a person. Our goal is to guide our clients through what can be the most difficult time in their lives in as positive a manner as possible.

Answering Questions, Empowering Clients

We take the time to answer client questions. For example, many clients wonder how long the process will take. They want to know how much alimony or child support they will receive or need to pay. They wonder whether they will be able to move out of state with their minor children if they remarry.

Our Detroit divorce lawyers try to answer these questions and all client questions and make sure that clients understand their options. We know that going through a divorce is a time of great uncertainty. We try to provide clients with information that can ease their anxiety about the future. We believe that a well-informed client is also a client who is better able to make decisions about the future.

We Will Aggressively Pursue Your Rights

To speak with an experienced family law lawyer about divorce, contact The Law Firm of Hauer & Snover. Call our Bloomfield Hills and Oakland County-area attorneys at 248-258-0800 .