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At The Law Firm of Hauer & Snover, we help people with complex and contentious paternity issues. We assist unmarried mothers seeking child support for their children. We help fathers trying to obtain visitation rights or custody. We also represent fathers who wish to confirm their paternity before providing child support.

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Issues In Michigan Paternity

Paternity issues arise frequently in divorce and other family law matters. They are complicated by Michigan law that states a woman's husband is the father of any children born during the marriage. There are some complex exceptions to this rule that our team can help you through.

Although paternity can be determined easily — usually by a simple DNA test from a cheek swab — biological paternity does not guarantee access to a child. Parental rights can be established only by a court order.

If the mother was unmarried at the time of conception or birth, she and the father can establish paternity by voluntarily signing the Affidavit of Parentage and filing it with the appropriate state office. However, this still does not guarantee the father the right to custody or visitation or the mother the right to child support. Child support, custody and visitation must be ordered by the court for them to be enforceable.

How We Can Help You

We help biological fathers sue for paternal rights in court, usually by filing a Complaint for Paternity, Custody and Support. Because of the issues in Michigan law, proof of biological paternity is not the only criteria for parentage — the court will review factors such as the role the father has played in the child's life, his parenting capacity and other issues.

We also represent mothers seeking to establish paternity so they can receive child support. We will investigate your situation and utilize various strategies, such as wage garnishment, to get you the award you are entitled to receive.

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