Property Distribution

Property Division in Michigan

Major issues in many divorces include property and finances. At the Oakland County law firm Hauer & Snover, our attorneys help clients with all matters related to the distribution of property.

In Michigan, marital property is not necessarily divided 50-50. Rather, Michigan is an equitable distribution state. This means that property is distributed fairly, considering numerous factors such as the health, age, income and conduct of the parties during the marriage.

The Role of an Attorney in Property Division

Our lawyers help clients achieve an equitable division of property during divorce. This means that we assist with:

  • Identifying the entire marital estate
  • Valuing each portion of the estate
  • Ensuring that the client receive everything that they are entitled to receive

We employ forensic accountants, appraisers and other specialists to help us in our representation of our clients. We also consult with business valuation experts to ensure that all assets held by businesses are properly considered. This ensures that the values are accurate and that all property is accounted for.

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