Michigan High-Asset Divorce Lawyers

Divorce between individuals of high net worth often involves many unique issues that the average divorce lawyers are unfamiliar with and unequipped to handle. It is important to work with a law firm that regularly handles complex and high-asset divorces in the Detroit area because the attorneys understand the issues involved.

At The Law Firm of Hauer & Snover, we understand what is at stake. We are familiar with the unique procedures that may be necessary, and we understand the amount of research, experts, hard work and determination that must be put forth in order to secure favorable results for clients.

Clients can feel confident knowing that the attorneys at The Law Firm of Hauer & Snover have their back. Consult our Bloomfield Hills law firm to learn more.

Trusted In High-Asset, High-Profile Divorces For More Than 40 Years

Our law firm is devoted exclusively to the practice of family law, and has been for decades. We are respected in the Oakland County legal community and are trusted by judges, attorneys, former clients and current clients. We regularly represent business owners, corporate executives, entertainers, doctors, lawyers and other high net worth individuals or their spouses in divorce. We are prepared for any issue that may come up in each case.

Some of the issues we address in high-asset divorce cases involve:

  • Valuation and analysis of businesses including business assets and debts.
  • Protecting value and name of businesses during divorce.
  • Obtaining real property appraisals on marital homes, rental properties, vacation properties, etc.
  • Valuing investment property such as a pension, stocks, deferred compensation, IRAs and more.
  • Valuing professional licenses or degrees if one spouse provided support during the marriage to enable the other spouse to obtain a medical degree, law degree or other professional degree.
  • Resolving high-income child support considerations.
  • Resolving high-income spousal support/alimony considerations.
  • Analyzing tax considerations of alimony awards versus property division awards.
  • Locating hidden assets in a divorce.

We can assist with these and many more complex scenarios that may arise at the end of your marriage.

Dedicated Divorce Lawyers With The Experience And Resources You Need

High-asset divorce cases often come down to expert testimony provided by certified public accountants (CPAs), appraisers, business valuators and countless other experts who analyze marital and business assets and debts.

Having handled complex divorce cases in Oakland County and throughout Michigan for more than four decades, our law firm has a network of highly regarded experts that we call on to build strong cases for our clients. You can feel confident knowing we are protecting your rights at every turn.

Consult With Us Regarding Your Assets During A Divorce

We are dedicated to protecting your interests and providing the personalized legal counsel you need during this difficult time. For assistance with complex asset distribution in a high-asset divorce, contact The Law Firm of Hauer & Snover in Michigan. Call us at 248-258-0800 to learn more.