Oakland County Hidden Assets Attorneys

It is common in marriage for one spouse to handle bills, bank accounts, tax filings and other financial matters. When the relationship becomes estranged, it can be easy for that spouse to move assets around without the other spouse even knowing. However, if your suspicions have been raised for any reason — statements your spouse has accidentally made in your presence, financial statements you have come upon, irregular financial activity that just doesn't seem to add up — don't simply rely on your spouse to be forthcoming.

Find Hidden Assets With the Help of Our Bloomfield Divorce Lawyers

At the divorce law firm of Hauer & Snover, our experienced lawyers know how to investigate complex financial holdings, find the money and advocate for you to receive your fair share of both disclosed and undisclosed assets in your divorce. Or, if hidden assets are discovered after the divorce is finalized, our firm provides aggressive and experienced advocacy to help you seek proper remedy.

  • Did your spouse receive early distribution from a 401(k) plan, pension, IRA or other retirement account?
  • Were investment proceeds funneled to offshore bank accounts?
  • Was salary compensation suddenly deferred?
  • Were taxes from the previous year significantly overpaid (so that your spouse will receive a high return after the divorce is finalized)?
  • Is property generating undisclosed rental income?
  • Does a secret security deposit box contain significant valuables?
  • Do proceeds from the sale of stock, property or other assets need to be traced?

When You Have Concerns About Hidden Assets, We Can Help

Locating hidden assets takes an experienced, determined lawyer with extensive knowledge, resources and legal strategies. Our Oakland County lawyers find hidden assets through exhaustive court discovery techniques, meticulous analysis of prior tax statements, utilization of expert investigation firms and many other strategies. We go to all measures possible to identify all sources of undisclosed income and ensure you receive your fair share.

Seeking Remedies When Hidden Assets Are Found — Now or Later

In Michigan divorce, both parties have a duty to fully disclose all financial information, including income, assets and debts. Michigan courts do not look highly on those who attempt to deceive the court by intentionally concealing assets. In fact, if undisclosed assets are later found, the court will automatically presume the failure to disclose such assets was deliberate and take harsh action against it.

  • If the divorce is not yet finalized, the victim spouse may be awarded 100 percent of the hidden assets in addition to his or her share of the disclosed marital property.
  • If the divorce is finalized, the victim spouse may still have remedies to recover his or her fair share, as well as any punitive amount deemed appropriate by the court.

We Will Aggressively Pursue Your Interests in Property Division

To speak with an experienced family law attorney about divorce, property settlements and hidden asset concerns, contact the law firm of Hauer & Snover. Call our Oakland County attorneys at 248-258-0800 .