Protecting Business During Divorce

Oakland County Lawyers: Business Valuations, Reputation Protection and More

When individuals of high net worth face divorce, the issue of dividing business interests often exists. Spouses involved in the business may want to do everything they can to shield assets and keep the business from the other spouse. They may be so focused on the divorce that they lose sight of managing the business. Spouses not involved in the business may wish to do everything they can to hurt their spouse, including sabotaging the business' reputation or financial standing. In the end, if the value of a business is diminished during divorce, everyone loses — the business and BOTH spouses.

Divorce Attorneys Protecting the Value and Reputation of Your Business

At the law firm of Hauer & Snover, we regularly represent owners of businesses of all sizes — from small medical or professional practices to large corporations — through the process of divorce. The law firm of Hauer and Snover has dedicated more than 40 years of experience to successfully representing clients in complex and high profile divorces. Our law firm's extensive experience combined with our firm's principle's and resources make us unparalleled in our ability to protect business owners and their businesses during divorce. In addition to handling the many issues that arise in divorce, such as property division and child custody, our law firm is equipped to address the many critical issues that are unique to high-asset divorces in which there is a business, such as:

  • Protecting business financial standings: The financial standing of a business is critical during divorce. Many times, the business owner is so focused on the divorce that attention is diverted away from the business and it struggles. It is important for business owners to work with an attorney they can trust to handle the divorce so that they can focus on running the business. In other situations, business owners — or their spouses — may attempt to divert assets away from the business, hide assets within the business, diminish business value or participate in other attempts to deceive their spouses. We use injunctions, restraining orders and other resources to ensure the business remains intact and operating at the same level.
  • Protecting business name and reputation: A business' good name, goodwill or reputation can keep a business alive and thriving. However, if the reputation is tarnished, it could significantly impair business relations and ultimately profitability. We utilize injunctions, restraining orders and other strategies to ensure the reputation of the business is fully preserved through the divorce process. In some cases, we may use necessary strategies to keep an ex-spouse from causing harm to the business after the divorce is finalized.
  • Obtaining proper business valuations: Comprehensive business valuation and analysis is critical to ensure fair property distribution in divorce. We work with business advisers, CPAs and other experts to ensure the business is properly assessed, the spouse's percentage of the business is identified (if the spouse is not the sole owner of the business), and the property settlement fairly reflects our client's interests.

Fighting to Protect Your Business and Your Interests in Divorce

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