Oakland County Business Valuation Lawyers

Property Valuation in Divorce

As part of the property distribution process during divorce, our lawyers help clients value businesses and other assets. At our Michigan law firm, our lawyers use a variety of experts and specialists to help us develop a complete picture of the business or other property. We are then able to develop fair and accurate property distribution proposals for the court.

Experience and Credibility

Attorneys at Hauer & Snover have many years of legal experience in family law — it is the sole focus of our legal practice. Property division, especially in marital estates with significant assets, can be a contentious issue. One party may accuse the other of hiding assets or neglecting to report every item of value. We have the experience to do what is needed to locate those assets. When necessary, we work with experienced and well-regarded experts. This gives credibility to our estimate of value and provides an accurate picture of the value of the business or other assets.

Litigating Questions of Value

Our appraisers, forensic accountants and other experts testify at trial and other venues. Our law firm does not hesitate to litigate questions about the worth of a business or other significant assets. Our cases have included disputes over the value of numerous businesses including law firms, medical practices, restaurants, automobile related companies, and other businesses.

Including Nonbusiness Property in the Marital Estate

We hire appraisers for nonbusiness property, such as antiques, art, real estate, jewelry and other valuables. Our goal is to have a fair and accurate assessment of all property in the marital estate so that it can be distributed equitably.

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