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Child custody: The impact of conflict on children in divorce

Many individuals have experienced periods of trouble within a relationship, prompting some to consider ending their marriage. When children are involved, making the decision to divorce could be somewhat more complex, potentially leading parents in Michigan and elsewhere who are exploring the options for child custody to wonder if staying together for the sake of the kids might be the best solution. However, according to studies focused on those circumstances, divorce may be healthier for everyone involved in the long run.

Parents who are considering divorce might have concerns about how it will affect their kids. While a similar situation could be difficult for children to understand, any emotional pain they might experience may only be temporary. Alternatively, attempting to remain together only for the kids can lead to conflict, and children may suffer more if they are subjected to constant arguments or unhealthy environments.

Studies suggest that the amount of conflict and the level of communication between parents may also have an impact on how kids handle divorce. If a couple can manage to keep conflict at a minimum and seek an outcome that is in the best interests of everyone involved, the kids may be able to adjust to their new situation with less difficulty. Many parents consider the well-being of their kids to be of the utmost importance, but making sound decisions in a highly emotional period can be challenging at best.

When facing divorce, parents might find it beneficial to seek guidance in the early stages of the process. By speaking with a family law attorney, a client in Michigan could obtain advice on making informed decisions regarding child custody, as well as every other aspect of divorce. An attorney can address a client's concerns and needs and assist in pursuing the best outcome possible regarding the future of his or her children.

Source:, "Stay Together for the Kids? When Divorce Might Benefit Everyone", Kathy Hardie-Williams, Oct. 4, 2017

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