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Gossip-laden, sure, but some celebrity splits are also instructive

You have perhaps heard some of the stories, especially if you routinely scour online social media sites and television entertainment shows for celebrity-linked news and updates.

Here’s one: Kanye ran for president.

Here’s another: Kim and Kanye reportedly own mega-million properties in multiple locales spanning the country:

Oh, and there’s this: One of their mansions allegedly contains a bathroom sink valued at $30,000.

Yes, that number features four zeroes. In fact, there are a lot of zeroes tacked onto dollar amounts that have suddenly been spotlighted in tabloid headings underscoring the most recent celebrity sensation.

Those stories are feverishly focused on in the recently announced impending divorce of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, a celebrity power couple of unquestioned magnitude.

The West/Kardashian split is highlighted in today’s blog post not for its tabloid allure but, rather, for its instructive value as a divorce that actually shares a number of common points with legions of other decouplings. High-profile divorces often underscore dissolution issues that command core relevance in many marriage-ending scenarios. The West/Kardashian divorce tracks many other high-asset splits for its spotlighting of certain matters, such as these:

  • Custody and parenting plan considerations (the couple is reportedly negotiating shared legal and physical custody of their children)
  • A prenuptial agreement that the couple executed prior to marriage
  • Existence of multiple businesses that must be valued and properly divided
  • The above-cited multiple real holdings in various states
  • Wide-ranging and highly valued personal items ranging from jewelry and art to vehicles and even livestock

As noted above, many high-asset divorcing couples in Michigan and elsewhere share a similar dissolution focus and concern, even if their household sinks are a bit more conservatively valued than 30 grand.

Coupled involved in financially complex divorces can turn to a proven family law legal team with proven advocacy in high net worth divorces for knowledgeable and results-oriented representation.