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The family law journey of adoption

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Uncategorized |

Families in Michigan and throughout the world are formed in many different ways nowadays than they might have been a century or so ago. Welcoming children into families by adoption is not as uncommon as it used to be. In fact, a married couple in another state recently finalized their fourth adoption together. The experience may be joy-filled and exciting although family law complications often arise when navigating the adoption process.

The mother in this particular situation is an elementary school teacher who said the topic of adoption was mentioned by the man to whom she is now married on their very first date. On the couple’s wedding day, the groom said he looked forward to raising a family and adopting children in the future. His wife now says that, looking back, she sees how God was preparing them for what was to come.

After several years with no biological children of their own, the couple decided to take a different path. They both felt that becoming parents was important and it did not matter whether their children were born to them or adopted. Since then, they have welcomed four children into their family through adoption.

There are various state and federal laws regarding domestic and foreign adoptions that may impact a particular couple’s situation. In Michigan, a family law attorney can clarify all regulations and provide guidance throughout the entire process, whether a child is adopted from another state or a foreign country. Anyone seeking answers to questions regarding child adoption, or who are facing challenges in an already active case, may find answers and support by contacting an experienced family law attorney for assistance.

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