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Bloomfield Hills Michigan Family Law Blog

The essentials of parenting time in Michigan

Michigan family law authorities adopt the common national stance that children in divorce are generally best served post-dissolution by continued meaningful contact with both parents.

Michigan statutory law underscores the possibility of joint parental custody, which one or both parents can request. A court will act on a motion following due consideration of a number of enumerated factors.

Spotlighting the utility and rationale of a postnuptial agreement

Consider it a second chance.

That is how increasingly more couples in Michigan and nationally view postnuptial agreements after they contemplated executing yet ultimately declined to craft aprenuptial contract prior to marriage.

Why high-asset divorces can be especially challenging

There are of course lots of reasons why Michigan divorces involving significant assets are comparatively complex.

But it all starts with the simple reality surrounding wealth, doesn’t it? When splitting spouses are mutually focused on divorce-linked property division, that exercise becomes progressively complicated with each upward tick in marital wealth.

Consider your online presence during the divorce process

If you’re like legions of other Michigan residents, you have a sizable online presence. That is, you are actively engaged on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms that dominate the Internet.

Lots of people already know that.

Alimony debate persistent and broadly focused

Some areas of the law are relatively static and often rigidly applied. Other legal subject matter is more fluid and complex, with ample doses of judicial discretion mixing in with statutory dictates and case law holdings.

Alimony is a case in point, which we note at the established Bloomfield Hills family law firm of Hauer & Snover. We underscore on our website that Michigan alimony is determined “on a case-by-base basis” and that relevant law “does not give clear-cut guidelines or a calculator for spousal support.”

Might a marital contract make good sense in your marriage?

Many articles on marital contracts these days (prenuptial and postnuptial agreements) get straight to the point stressing a couple important details.

Here’s one: Contrary to a longstanding and lingering belief, such agreements hardly merit a conclusive view that their execution dooms romance and an otherwise successful marriage from the outset.

Key considerations re a family business in divorce

High-asset divorces in Oakland County and elsewhere across Michigan are obviously distinguished from many other marital dissolutions by the significant amount of marital property they involve.

The cumulative value of that wealth is notably higher than is the case with many other divorces, of course.


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