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Bloomfield Hills Michigan Family Law Blog

Consider your online presence during the divorce process

If you’re like legions of other Michigan residents, you have a sizable online presence. That is, you are actively engaged on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms that dominate the Internet.

Lots of people already know that.

Alimony debate persistent and broadly focused

Some areas of the law are relatively static and often rigidly applied. Other legal subject matter is more fluid and complex, with ample doses of judicial discretion mixing in with statutory dictates and case law holdings.

Alimony is a case in point, which we note at the established Bloomfield Hills family law firm of Hauer & Snover. We underscore on our website that Michigan alimony is determined “on a case-by-base basis” and that relevant law “does not give clear-cut guidelines or a calculator for spousal support.”

Might a marital contract make good sense in your marriage?

Many articles on marital contracts these days (prenuptial and postnuptial agreements) get straight to the point stressing a couple important details.

Here’s one: Contrary to a longstanding and lingering belief, such agreements hardly merit a conclusive view that their execution dooms romance and an otherwise successful marriage from the outset.

Key considerations re a family business in divorce

High-asset divorces in Oakland County and elsewhere across Michigan are obviously distinguished from many other marital dissolutions by the significant amount of marital property they involve.

The cumulative value of that wealth is notably higher than is the case with many other divorces, of course.

5 ways to prepare for a successful divorce

Divorce can be confusing and stressful, especially when you think about all that you have at stake. Your future depends upon a fair settlement. With that in mind, the good news is you can take several steps to improve your chances of a successful outcome.

As with most things, preparation is the key to success. And since a divorce will impact everything from your family and home to your retirement funds and social life, there are many ways you can prepare.

How could a weak market affect your divorce settlement?

When you get divorced, your future depends upon a fair property settlement. In turn, that settlement hinges on many factors, including proper timing.

That may be why, as stock markets plummeted, the Daily Mail reported a sharp rise in UK divorce filings. Experts say the uptick doesn't necessarily mean that people are getting divorced because of the bad markets. Instead, they believe the divorce rate surged because so many people who had been thinking about divorce saw that the time was right. Could this hold true for Michigan, as well?

When can I modify my spousal support?

Surging or exploding stock portfolios can have a huge impact on your financial outlook. During a boom, you may feel your pockets swelling. And when the markets bust, they can leave you feeling hollowed out. But can any of these changes to your assets lead to changes in your spousal support?

The short answer is “maybe.” It won’t be enough for you to feel differently. But if the appreciation or depreciation of your assets leads to a real change in circumstances, you might have reason to petition for a modification.

How do Michigan’s courts measure your love for your child?

By now, you’ve probably learned that Michigan’s courts aim to award child custody according to your child’s best interests. And you may have learned about the different factors the court reviews. But as it reviews them, how does the court judge these factors?

How does the court measure the “love, affection, and other emotional ties” you have with your child? This is, after all, the first factor the law cites in determining your child’s best interests. And the next? It’s your “capacity” to show love and affection and raise your child well. How can the court judge these things?

10 crazy places people hide assets during divorce

Some people are greedy. They know it’s illegal to try to hide their assets and disguise their wealth during divorce. But they do it anyway because they want to keep more than their fair share.

If you’re headed toward divorce and suspect your spouse may be hiding some of his or her assets, you’ll want to work with an attorney who knows how to find them. Experience matters because there’s no shortage of crazy places people try to hide their wealth. Here are some of the craziest.


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