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7 financial considerations for high asset divorces

Marriage can make things complicated. It can complicate and ruin the relationship you and your spouse once shared. And it can complicate your finances.

It’s often hard to see how much marriage blends things until you file for divorce. Then you find that nearly everything you earned or bought has become marital property. It’s hard to get your things unstuck. Accordingly, property division requires clear and careful thinking, especially in high asset divorces.

How does infidelity affect divorce in Michigan?

There are times that the emotional and historical realities of divorce don’t quite square up with the legal ones. For example, even though affairs can shatter marriages, they aren’t among the legal grounds for divorce.

In fact, people aren’t even allowed to raise the issue of infidelity as part of their grounds for divorce. Michigan is a no-fault divorce state. Couples need only cite a permanent “breakdown of the marriage relationship.” Courts won’t consider other grounds. But there are still ways infidelity may impact a divorce.

Child custody and Halloween: Tips for the recently divorced

For many, Halloween in October marks the begin the of the holiday season. This upcoming holiday can provide an opportunity for the recently divorced to iron out their child custody arrangements before Thanksgiving and the Christmas season begin.

Does divorce have to damage your reputation? Not necessarily.

Whether amicable or not, divorce is difficult. A failure to act wisely can impact both your personal and professional reputation. This can have a negative impact on your transition into post-divorce life.

Divorced parents: Three ways to help children succeed in school

Finding the right child custody arrangement is no easy feat. In some cases, the parents will develop a plan that works well the first time around. In others, parents may discover the arrangement does not serve the child well. This can be clear by changes in the child's behavior or a sudden decline in their academic achievement.

Three tips to ease the transition into post-divorce life.

A divorce is more than just the end of a marriage, it is the start of a new life. Those who are going through a divorce can look ahead and see a future full of possibilities. The following tips can help you to make the most of your future, post-divorce life:

Study: Is it more expensive to divorce in middle age?

Article after article is bringing attention to the fact that divorce amongst those over the age of 50 is on the rise. The trend has even got its own catch phrase: “gray divorce.” Research shows the divorce rate within this age group has doubled throughout the country in the last thirty years. Now researchers are asking another question: is it more expensive?

What happens if your ex wins the lottery or other windfall?

A divorcing couple recently asked an arbitrator to answer a difficult question: what happens when a husband wins the lottery while going through a divorce with his wife?

The case involved a Michigan couple. The husband separated from his wife for approximately two years when he won the lottery — and he won big. His total winnings were $80 million. After taxes and other fees, financial predictions estimated he would go home with approximately $38,873,628.00.

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