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Changes in life can create a need for adjustment to child custody

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2017 | Child Custody |

For couples who choose to dissolve their marriage, many consider the future of their kids to be one of the most important factors during the process. Children may be molded by the example of their parents, especially during difficult periods such as divorce. Many parents in Michigan seek a child custody agreement that meets the needs of their children, placing a high value on their well-being. However, situations can change over time, and adjustments to current parenting plans may be necessary.

When an agreement is reached, it is often based on current variables, which can change over time. For example, one parent may have a shift change at work, prompting a need for revision to the original plan. These changes can have an affect on the children, and should be addressed accordingly.

Changes can also occur in the life of the child. As a child ages, he or she may become involved in various extracurricular activities that can create a need for a new parenting schedule. If a child chooses to play a sport, one parent may be more capable of transporting him or her to and from practice. By keeping track of and addressing these changes, a parent may be able to assist in the continual growth and well-being of his or her children.

Modifying a child custody agreement can be complex, especially if a person is not on speaking terms with the former spouse. Even if the situation is challenging, putting a child’s needs first is advisable. When facing the need for adjustments to custody, a parent in Michigan may choose to speak with an experienced attorney for assistance in navigating the process.

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