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Child custody: Taking the holiday season into consideration

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2017 | Child Custody |

Parents in Michigan and elsewhere generally place a great deal of importance on the current and future well-being of their children. Should a couple decide to part ways, they may wish to pursue a parenting plan that is in keeping with the needs of the kids. However, certain times of year could make this somewhat challenging, and when negotiating child custody, parents might want to take some time to consider how best to handle the holiday season.

Following divorce, each parent may wish to make separate plans concerning festivities for the kids during this time of year. While the former couple might be reluctant to speak with one another, communication could be crucial to preventing an overlap in holiday plans. Children will likely benefit more from having an ample amount of access to each parent, and ensuring their needs are met could be crucial to both parents.

Aside from any issues that may arise in scheduling, parents may also need to speak with each other about who will purchase what for their kids to prevent duplicate presents. During this time, a parent may also have to face the fact that his or her kids will be away for a part of the holidays. Preparing for this eventuality could prevent a great deal of stress, and may even help one avoid unintentionally making his or her kids feel guilty about spending time with the other parent.

Divorce can be a stressful and daunting experience regardless of the time of year. However, planning for the holidays could prove invaluable, and those who wish to cover every aspect of divorce, including child custody, could benefit from speaking with a family law attorney. An attorney in Michigan can address a client’s concerns and wishes and assist in pursuing the best outcome possible regarding the future of his or her children during divorce proceedings.

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