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Three tips to keep divorce from ruining your career

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2018 | Uncategorized |

It is not uncommon for a divorce to impact one’s professional life. Those that hold executive and employee positions alike can take proactive steps to reduce the impact the divorce will have on their career.

Three tips that apply to most professional situations include:

  • Keep those that need to know in the loop. Those going through a divorce often need to attend court hearings and other meetings. These obligations can mean missed work. As a result, it is often wise to communicate with those impacted by potential schedule changes about the impending divorce. Executives may need to let other senior members of the organization know about the divorce while an employee may just need to fill in their immediate superior.
  • Keep it professional. Yes, court hearings may mean missed work. If possible, schedule the hearings at a time that has minimal impact on your work schedule. It is also important not to share too much about the divorce with coworkers.
  • Delegate. Anyone that is successful in business knows the power of delegation. You can delegate the responsibilities that come with divorce by putting together a divorce team. This team can help better ensure your interests are met during the divorce proceeding while you focus on your professional aspirations. This team should include a family law attorney and, in some cases, a financial specialist to help navigate the economic impact of the divorce and a psychological specialist to help you navigate any emotional repercussions from the divorce.

These tips can ease the impact of the divorce on your professional life. Also remember, divorce is a transition. Take a moment to review your priorities and know that the transition is relatively short lived.