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Some considerations re divorce process duration

On Behalf of | Jul 2, 2021 | Divorce |

What is divorce like for Michigan couples involved in the process?

That is a question that defies easy answers. Impending exes in some instances work through the details without much ado, managing to secure a post-divorce fresh start without much angst or contention.

For others, the road to a new legal status is not so smoothly paved.

In fact, marital dissolution – being the seminal event it is – customarily presents distinct and often multiple challenges for splitting couples. A recent article in Psychology Today underscores those hurdles and acknowledges the goal of many divorcing parties to complete the process as quickly as possible.

Divorce pain, notes that article, “is like intentionally walking into a fir and wanting to get out fast.”

The urge not to linger is both understandable and common.

And it is something that must often be resisted.

Here’s why: Many – arguably most – decouplings should flatly not be rushed. Legions of divorces are contested, with outstanding issues that the involved parties need to effectively resolve before moving on. Couples typically “need to gather a lot of information, know the law, understand their rights and avoid later regrets” stresses the Psychology Today piece.

That divorce reality mandates due reflection and purposeful action from the inception of the process. Divorce “is a difficult thing,” notes an informed Michigan family law legal source. It often brings to the fore key issues ranging from finances (asset identification, valuation and fair distribution) to complex child-linked concerns (custody, visitation, parenting plans and more).

And here’s the bottom line concerning resolution of those often varied and complex matters: They must be adequately addressed and resolved in a final way that enables divorcing spouses to embrace the future.

Divorce can indeed be challenging, but proactivity and a bit of patience exercised from the beginning of the process can help ensure an ultimately successful outcome.