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Remarriage and alimony payments

If you have a high net worth and owe alimony after recently ending your marriage or you receive payments from your former spouse, it is vital to have a clear understanding of various legal issues related to spousal support. For example, you need to recognize that remarriage can affect alimony obligations.

Whether you have to pay alimony and your ex is getting remarried or you are thinking about getting married again and have uncertainty about your ability to receive spousal support or back alimony, you need to review Michigan’s stance on this issue.

Remarriage and alimony termination

The Michigan Legislature covers remarriage and alimony obligations, and they state that courts can terminate alimony awards if the individual who receives spousal support gets married again. However, if a married couple had a different agreement regarding alimony in their divorce judgment, alimony payments could continue.

Past-due alimony and the termination of awards

It is also important to understand that even if a court terminates spousal support awards, the party paying alimony still owes any payments that accrued prior to the termination of spousal support. If you owe accrued alimony, it is pivotal to review your options. Sometimes, those with a high net worth face significant challenges with respect to spousal support, especially if their financial circumstances change considerably as a result of job loss or other hardships.

If you are thinking about getting married again as someone who receives alimony or your former spouse ties the knot again and you owe spousal support, it is crucial to understand how this could affect spousal support and prepare accordingly.