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What do all divorces have in common?

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2022 | High-Asset Divorce |

While high asset divorce cases and those for middle or low-income couples may have a lot of different aspects to them, in general, there are specific aspects that are the same regardless of income level.

The American Psychological Association explains no amount of money will dampen the emotional aspects of divorce. Every person will feel some sense of loss or have some emotional reaction to the ending of their marriage. But this is only one thing all divorces have in common.

The law

The law is the same regardless of how much money you have. A millionaire and someone making minimum wage will have to go through the exact same process to end their marriages. They both have to make hard decisions about child custody, property division and support.

Everyone has to follow the same laws concerning divorce. There are no specific laws pertaining to a certain group of people or different processes for some over others.


Regardless of income, each couple has the ability to control how their divorce progresses. Everyone can choose to work with their partner or not. Each person has the chance to completely control how the process will work by making decisions about how well they will cooperate. All divorces have the potential to drag on because one party is not cooperating.

Beginning to end

The way you start a divorce and how it ends will be the same for everyone. Someone must file a petition to ask the court for the divorce to start the process. In the end, the judge must make a final ruling to break the marriage contract.

Divorce is like an equalizer. No matter your income level, you will have to go through the same process as everyone else who has ever filed for divorce.