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Gray divorce has a notable impact on standard of living

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2024 | Blog, High-Asset Divorce |

Gray divorce, or the dissolution of marriages among those 50 and older, has become increasingly common. Its consequences often extend beyond emotional and familial aspects. An important area gray divorce affects is the standard of living for both men and women involved.

The financial implications of ending a long-term marriage later in life can be profound, reshaping the economic circumstances and lifestyles of those experiencing late-stage divorce.

Financial division and asset allocation

A key factor influencing the standard of living after a gray divorce is the division of financial assets. Couples often accumulate joint assets throughout a long marriage. Such assets might include homes, retirement accounts and investments. The process of dividing these assets impacts the financial well-being of both parties. Decisions regarding property division and asset allocation can shape the standard of living each party can maintain post-divorce.

Income and employment challenges

Gray divorce may also bring forth challenges related to income and employment. This may be especially true for those who may have left the workforce or reduced working hours during the marriage. For women, in particular, who may have taken on more traditional roles in caregiving or homemaking, reentering the workforce later in life can be tough. The shift in financial dynamics and potential income disparities can influence the standard of living for both parties in a divorce.

Retirement and Social Security considerations

Gray divorce may also impact retirement plans and Social Security benefits. The division of retirement accounts and pensions, for example, can have lasting financial consequences. For many, the adjustment to a new financial reality in retirement requires major lifestyle changes.

Kiplinger notes that women over 50 watch their standard of living fall by 45% when their marriages end. Men, on the other hand, see theirs decline by 21%. As couples navigate the complexities of late-stage divorce, understanding these financial implications helps them make informed decisions and plan for a stable financial life without their partners.